Ten Lepers Healed

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In Luke 17 the Lord healed ten lepers, but only one turned back to thank Him. What would we do if the Lord healed us from a terrible disease? It is hard to know. We spend most of our time being somewhat oblivious to what the Lord does for us. This is like the nine lepers who were healed of their leprosy but continued on their way. They appear to have taken what the Lord had done for them for granted. But one leper returned, falling down on his face at the Lord’s feet. This is a beautiful picture of the humility and gratitude that we should have when we stop and consider the extent of what the Lord does for us.

The Story

Read aloud Luke 17:11-19.

Ideas for Discussion

  1. People who had leprosy were supposed to stay away from other people, so they weren’t allowed to come into towns. (See Leviticus 13:45, 46.) The lepers saw the Lord when He entered a village, but they were standing “afar off.”
  2. What did the lepers do to get the Lord’s attention? (They called to Him, “Jesus, Master, have mercy on us!”)
  3. What did the Lord do? (He told them to go show themselves to the priests, and they were healed as they went on their way.)
  4. It was the law that lepers who were healed must go to the priests to be examined (see Leviticus 14). Nine lepers did as the Lord told them.
  5. What did one of the lepers do that was different? (When he saw that he was healed, he came back to the Lord and fell down on his face before Him. With a loud voice, the leper thanked the Lord and “glorified” Him.)
  6. What did the Lord say to the leper who thanked Him? (“Arise, go your way. Your faith has made you well.”)
  7. Imagine that you had a serious illness, and then the Lord healed you. What do you think you would do? How could you thank the Lord?
  8. Like the one leper who thanked the Lord, we can give glory to Him. This means acknowledging the Lord and worshiping Him by living according to His commandments (see Apocalypse Explained 678:3; 874).

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During His life on earth, the Lord healed many who came to Him or called out to Him. The Lord can heal our spiritual illnesses when we acknowledge His power to heal us and our need for His help. Remembering to thank Him for what He has done, helps open us up to further healing as we continue on our spiritual journey.

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