Preschool education (ages 3-5)

Bryn Athyn Church Preschool

Bryn-Athyn-Church-School-logo-redLocated in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania, USA
Serving the whole child in spiritual, physical, social and cognitive development, and fostering strong relationships among families, church, school, and community.


Carmel New Church School (Junior Kindergarten)

carmel-schoolLocated in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Promoting the innocence of students and providing a loving, peaceful place where they can become productive and caring people.


Glenview New Church Preschool

glenview-schoolsLocated in Glenview, Illinois, USA
 We nurture and prepare students to become life-long learners, engage and succeed in today's world, and live as models of our faith and values.


Good News Preparatory School (Pre-primary grades)

Etora-Good-News-School-logo2Located in Etora, Kisii, Kenya
Preparing students to become useful members of society.

Impaphala New Church Preschool

Impaphala_logo-2182pseLocated in Eshowe, Natal, Republic of South Africa
A pre-primary school educating young children in the light of the Lord’s Word.

Kainon Pre-primary School

Kainon-school-logoLocated in Westville, Natal, Republic of South Africa
Educating the heart and mind of each child for a life of service to the neighbour and to the Lord God Jesus Christ.


New Church Preparatory School Asakraka (Pre-primary grades)

Ghana-Asakraka_Open-WordLocated in Asakraka, Ghana
We believe that all education should be an opening of the way to the Lord.

New Church School Tema (Pre-primary grades)

Located in Tema, Ghana
Offering education to a higher end for children in nursery, kindergarten, primary and junior high school.

Olivet New Church School (pre Kindergarten)

Olivet-School-Logo-and-Tag-Line-copyLocated in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
Our kindergarten focuses on helpfulness, teamwork, care for the environment, respectfulness and safety in the framework of conversations about a loving Creator, and His care through those around us.


Pittsburgh New Church School (pre Kindergarten)

Pittsburgh-ncs-logoLocated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Our pre-kindergarten program provides a gentle transition between home and school. We take care to preserve innocence and trust, and work to keep innate curiosity and delight intact.


Washington New Church School

Washington-ncs-logoLocated in Mitchellville, Maryland, USA
We aim to instruct children academically, morally and spiritually, in the sphere of the Lord's Word. We work with parents to help each child grow to achieve his or her personal potential.