What Is Baptism?

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Baptism is an entryway to the church, and thus, to heaven. It signals the desire to look to the Lord and recognition that the church can help us come to know and love Him. When parents bring children to be baptized, they promise to teach them about the Lord and guide them to obey the teachings of the Word. When an adult wishes to be baptized, he or she promises to turn away from evil and look to the Lord.

In the New Christian Church, a minister applies water to the forehead and makes the sign of the cross while saying, “I baptize you into the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” The washing of baptism symbolizes purifying our lives by means of truth, which will be a life-long process.

Ideas for Discussion

  1. Why is water used in baptism? (Water symbolizes the Lord’s truth. Just as water can clean our bodies, truth can be used to clean our spirit.)
  2. Why do parents bring children to be baptized? (Baptism is a sign that parents want to cooperate with the Lord in leading a child to heaven.
  3. What do parents promise to do when they bring a child to be baptized? (Teach about the Lord and His Word, and help the child obey the Ten Commandments.)
  4. Why might an adult want to be baptized? (It is a way of turning to the Lord and responding to His love and wisdom.)
  5. Were you baptized as a child or an adult?
  6. In “The Meaning and Purpose of Baptism,” Grant Odhner writes that baptism “serves as a kind of invitation on our part for the Lord and His angels to be present. Because of this invitation, the Lord can use angels to minister to the baptized person in a way that He could not otherwise.”


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Baptism alone does not determine whether we will choose heaven or hell. Yet, if it is done with sincere intent, the sacrament has great power. It establishes a special connection with the Lord and with angels in heaven. And, as a gateway into the life of the church, it can help us turn away from selfishness and false ideas and turn toward the true worship of our Lord.

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