The Woman Clothed with the Sun

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When John was on the Isle of Patmos, the Lord allowed him to see visions in heaven that are prophecies of the New Church or the New Jerusalem. The woman clothed with the sun is one of these prophecies. She portrays a new church in heaven and on earth and her baby symbolizes the teachings of that New Church. 

The Story

Read aloud the story in Revelation 12 and explore the meaning in one of the worship talks listed below.

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Key ideas for discussion

  1. Imagine the beauty of the woman clothed with the sun! She portrays the New Church being established in heaven and on earth. She is clothed with the sun because the New Church is to be characterized by love to the Lord. She is about to give birth to a baby boy.
  2. What does the woman have on her head? What is she standing on?
  3. John saw another sign in heaven—a great, fiery red dragon. The dragon wanted to eat the child of the woman clothed with the sun. What did the dragon look like? (He had seven heads and ten horns.)
  4. Can you think of someone else in the Word who wanted to kill a precious baby? (King Herod wanted to hurt baby Jesus. The pharaoh of Egypt wanted to kill baby Moses.)
  5. The dragon stands for people who love themselves and the world more than the Lord and their neighbors. They don’t want to apply the teachings of their religion to life. 
  6. Imagine fighting a fierce dragon with seven heads and a powerful tail like the angel Michael! Michael symbolizes those who defend the divinity of the Lord God Jesus Christ and the life of love and charity.
  7. What is the weapon that Michael uses? (A sword.) What does he use to protect himself? (A shield.)
  8. The baby boy is a symbol for the beautiful teachings of the New Church. How did the Lord protect the child born to the woman clothed with the sun? (The child was lifted up into heaven.)

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