The Lord's Protection

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“If the Lord did not protect a person moment by moment, and in every shortest instant, he would immediately perish" (Arcana Coelestia 59:2).

The Lord wants nothing more than to protect each one of us. He is constantly watching over us and looking to our eternal happiness. The Lord can best protect those who look to Him and trust in Him. We will face predicaments in life. The free choices we make have consequences, and the Lord wants us to have that freedom to choose between good and evil. But if we look to the Lord as our Protector, He may bless us with heavenly states of peace and contentment.

"The Lord cannot protect a person unless he acknowledges the Divine and lives a life of faith and charity; for otherwise a person turns himself away from the Lord" (see Heaven and Hell 577:3).

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Ideas for discussion:

  1. The Lord wants to keep us safe from evil and falsity. But He also treasures our freedom to choose between good and evil. Why? (Because we would not be happy if we had no choice about how to conduct our lives.)
  2. How do our choices affect how much the Lord can protect us?
  3. Do we have any power against evil from ourselves? (No. We need the Lord’s help to fight against evil.
  4. What can we do to help the Lord protect us? (Look to the Lord and try to do what we know is good and true.)

Projects and activities for various ages:

Let all those rejoice who put their trust in You;
let them ever shout for joy, because You defend them
(Psalm 5:11)

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