Talking with the Lord in Prayer

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Prayer is conversation with the Lord, a conscious decision to talk with Him about what is on our minds and in our hearts. Prayer can lift our minds to consider the spiritual aspect of our lives, inviting the Lord to help us. We may not receive the answers we want or expect, but the Lord does respond to the prayers of our heart, and always by looking out for our eternal happiness.

There are prayers from the Word, prayers written by other people (such as the Serenity Prayer), personal prayers that you write to the Lord, and spontaneous prayers. No matter which kind of prayer we offer the Lord, the very act of praying helps us shift our perspective. Problems—large and small—seem more manageable when we turn to the Lord.

How Does the Lord Answer Prayer?

The Lord hears our prayers, and He answers them, but we may be largely unaware of His response. He is careful to protect our freedom. And He answers our prayers in whatever way is most beneficial for us from the perspective of our eternal welfare. We will not hear a voice telling us what to do but we may see the situation more clearly. New ideas may come to mind, helping us to do effective problem-solving. Or we may feel more hopeful about a difficulty we are facing.

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