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When we read about the Lord’s birth into the world, we may wish we could have heard Him speak. We can’t go back in time but we can open the Word and let the Lord speak to us.

  • The truths of the Word help us learn about the Lord and see Him in our minds. For the Word is from the Lord, about the Lord, and indeed is the Lord.
  • As we grow in this understanding, our ability to see the Lord’s living presence in His Word will increase.
  • What are some ways to make time for reading the Lord’s Word?
  • How might you integrate reading the Lord’s Word into your family life? Perhaps reading a few verses aloud after dinner or at bedtime?

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The Lord gave us a written Word, and through it, He can work a miracle in our lives. Let us open ourselves to the Lord’s leading and follow Him on the pathway to heaven.

Where the Word is read with reverence and the Lord is worshipped from the Word,
the Lord is present together with heaven (Divine Providence 2:2).

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