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The Lord shares His love of saving people with angels by sending them to bring light, protection, and comfort to each person willing to receive them. We call them our “guardian angels.” They bend our thoughts toward what is good and true. When we turn toward heaven, the angels come close. If we turn toward hell, the angels move further away but never leave us. They are always trying to gently lead us back toward heaven.

He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways (Psalm 91:11).

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Ideas for discussion

  1. The Lord makes sure that we have guardian angels watching over us. But we are free to choose between doing what is good or what is evil.
  2. Every person, so long as he is living in the world, walks midway between heaven and hell and is thereby in equilibrium, and thus in freedom of choice either to look upwards to God or downwards to hell (True Christian Religion 69:3).
  3. Why is it so important for us to have spiritual freedom? Because life in heaven must be freely chosen or it will not bring us happiness. So, the Lord provides that every person has angels and evil spirits with him, ensuring spiritual equilibrium—the freedom to choose good or evil, turning to heaven or toward hell.
  4. Evil spirits are people who lived on this earth and chose to live in hell instead of heaven. They hate the Lord and all that is good and true, so their goal is to lead people to hell to harm them. Without the protection that the Lord provides, we would have no hope of making our eternal home in heaven.
  5. How can we invite the angels to be close to us and send evil spirits further away? (By looking to the Lord, reading His Word, and trying to apply it to our lives. And if unwelcome thoughts come into our minds, we can try to think about something good and true instead.)
  6. The Lord and His angels are always near, lending a silent hand, quietly guiding and helping, as much as we will allow them. No matter how depressed or sad we may be, the Lord provides immeasurable angelic support to see us through.
  7. What are some stories in the Word that mention angels helping people? In the Old Testament angels helped Hagar (Gen. 16), Elijah (1 Kings 19), Elisha (2 Kings 6) and Daniel in the den of lions (Dan. 6). In the New Testament, an angel appeared to Joseph and told him to take Mary and the infant Lord to Egypt (Matt. 2).
  8. Nothing gives the angels greater delight and happiness than to remove evils from a person and lead him to heaven. This is their joy (Arcana Coelestia 5992:3).

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