Mary Magdalene Sees Jesus

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The Lord’s followers lost hope when the Lord was crucified and laid to rest in the tomb. Yet the women went to anoint the Lord’s body as soon as the Sabbath was over. Imagine their surprise when they found the tomb empty!

The Story

Read or retell the story in the gospel of John.

Ideas for discussion

  • Why did Mary Magdalene come to the tomb? (She wanted to anoint His body with spices.)
  • What did she think when she saw that the stone was moved away from the tomb? (She thought that people had taken the Lord from the tomb.)
  • Mary stood outside the tomb, crying. What did she see when she looked inside the tomb? (She saw two angels dressed in white, and they spoke to her.
  • Who else did Mary see at the tomb? (She saw the Lord but thought he was the gardener.)
  • When did Mary recognize the Lord? (When He called her by name.)
  • Mary called the Lord “Rabboni!” Why did she call Him by that name? (“Rabboni” means Teacher, and the Lord taught people many things when He was on earth.)
  • Imagine that you are Mary Magdalene. How might you feel when you find the tomb empty? When you see the two angels dressed in white? When you see the Lord?

Further ideas

Think about the emotions Mary Magdalene must have experienced. First, she finds the stone rolled away from the tomb, and the Lord is not there. Then an angel tells her that the Lord is risen, He is not here. Finally, she sees the Lord in the garden.

  • How does this story help us understand the Lord’s compassion? His resurrection?
  • How can we look to the Lord as our Teacher? Where can we “find” Him and listen to His teachings?

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