Many Names for One God

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There is only one God, the Lord of heaven and earth. Yet, the Word contains many different names for God. These names reflect the Lord’s many qualities. They can help us think about all the things He does for us. Exploring the variety of the Lord’s names can teach us to relate to Him in different ways.

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Ideas for discussion

  1. There is only one God, the Lord of heaven and earth. But He has many names.
  2. What are some of your favorite names for the Lord? Creator, Shepherd, Savior, King, Comforter? How does each name help you think about the Lord and appreciate what He does for us?
  3. Why might it be valuable to valuable to explore the many different names that are used in the Word to refer to the one Lord of heaven and earth?
  4. The name Jehovah symbolizes Love and Being Itself. The Lord is also called Christ or Messiah which symbolizes truth.
  5. The Heavenly Doctrine for the New Church tells us that the name “Lord” means God in His fullness. It includes all His qualities in that one name.
  6. All of the names for the Lord are holy or hallowed. We should only use them in holy ways.
  7. Our idea of the Lord is the touchstone of our spiritual life. It guides us in our life here in the world and will eventually determine our eternal home.

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