The Lord and Peter

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Peter had a unique perspective on the Lord’s life on earth, being one of the first disciples called and accompanying the Lord most of the time. He symbolizes faith—sometimes a strong, living faith in which truths are applied in life and sometimes a weak, empty faith in which truths are known but not lived. The Lord told Peter, “I have prayed for you, that your faith should not fail; and when you have returned to Me, strengthen your brethren” (Luke 22:32).

Peter’s story should help us to see that even though we may stumble from time to time, the Lord is there for us, helping us and hoping that we will nurture and strengthen those around us. Though we may be weak and vacillating, the Lord’s loving care for us is constant.

The Story

Read one or more of these stories about Peter and the Lord:

  • Peter walking on the water (Matthew 14:22-33).
  • Peter denies the Lord three times (Luke 22:31-34,54-62).
  • The Lord tells Peter to “feed My lambs” (John 21:15-17).

Ideas for Discussing Peter

  1. We read about Peter in many stories in the New Testament. He was one of the first disciples called by the Lord. His name comes first when the disciples are listed. And he often speaks for the other disciples.
  2. It is Peter who says to the Lord: “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God” (John 6:68-69; Matthew 16:13-16).
  3. The stories about Peter illustrate the development of faith in our lives. First, we need to learn truths about the Lord and the life of heaven. Then we need to use these truths in our lives and trust in the Lord. Our faith will be tested but the Lord is always ready to help us.
  4. Peter represents the rock of our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as the one and only living God. It is this faith that opens heaven to us. Yet faith, by its very nature is not constant. Faith is never sure of itself until it has been tempted. It is not an abiding faith until it has become life” (“The Meaning of the Disciple Peter” by Karl R. Alden).
  5. Kurt Horigan Asplundh notes that “What is said about Peter applies to each of us as well. We are all disciples of the Lord, and so the Lord might well ask each one of us, ‘Do you love Me?’ Have we strengthened our faith by hearing what the Lord teaches and by practicing it?” (“Having Faith in the Lord”).
  6. How can the stories about Peter help us learn how to have true faith in the Lord?

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