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On the first Easter—the day the Lord rose from the sepulcher—two of His followers were walking toward Emmaus. They were afraid and grieving, thinking all was lost. But their sadness turned to joy when they eventually recognized the Lord as He broke bread with them. When they went to tell the eleven disciples, the Lord appeared to them as well. These stories can help us learn ways to seek the Lord and recognize Him as our Lord and our God.

The Story

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Ideas to help us apply this story to our lives:

  1. The story of the road to Emmaus helps us picture the grief felt by the Lord’s followers after His crucifixion. Even though they heard reports that the Lord was risen from the dead, they found it hard to believe.
  2. Why do you think it took the two disciples so long to realize that the Man walking with them was the Lord? When did they finally recognize Him?
  3. We experience times when we feel like the Lord is absent from our lives. The reality is that He is always with us. But the Lord can’t be conjoined with us—break bread with us—unless we receive His Divine truth and love.
  4. After recognizing the Lord, the two men hurried to tell the eleven disciples and other followers that “The Lord is risen indeed” (Luke 24:34). Then the Lord came and stood in the midst of them.
  5. What did the Lord say to His followers when He came to them? (“Peace to you.”) But the disciples were frightened. They thought they were seeing a spirit.
  6. How did the Lord convince His disciples that He was risen? (He showed them His hands and feet. And He ate a piece of broiled fish and some honeycomb in their presence.)
  7. When they had been reassured, He helped them understand what they had seen and heard. With His resurrection, the disciples finally understood that He was the Lord and God of heaven and earth!
  8. The appearances of the Lord after His resurrection give the same message of reassurance to us as well. For although we do not always notice or feel His presence, the Lord is always with us. If we turn toward His goodness and truth and follow His teachings, the Lord will open our spiritual eyes, and we will recognize Him. Then we can take joy in knowing that the Lord is with us and wants us to experience the peace that comes from Him alone. 

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