Joy Comes in the Morning

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After the dark of night, the sun rises and brings warmth and brightness back to the world. In a similar way, after enduring the sorrow of the Lord’s crucifixion, the women who first came to the tomb that Easter morning discovered that He had risen. We also rejoice at the Lord’s resurrection, for it signaled His total victory against the hells and the glorification of His Human.

The Lord’s Resurrection

The miracle of Easter is that the Lord rose with His earthly body which He had made Divine. The Lord let His followers see that the tomb was empty and that He had risen so they could truly understand that He is not like any other person but is Divine.

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Further Thoughts

Each year, we celebrate the Lord’s resurrection on that beautiful Easter morning. But the Lord’s rising is not only something that happened two thousand years ago. It is also something that can happen in each one of our own lives when we look to the Lord Jesus Christ as our God and Savior. Each time we turn to the Lord, He can rise in our hearts with joy and blessings. This message of Easter morning is that the Lord is with us always.

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