Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors

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When Joseph was seventeen, his father gave him a beautiful coat or tunic of many colors. Then he had two dreams that showed how his father and brothers would look up to him. Joseph’s brothers were jealous, and they jumped at the chance to sell him into captivity, telling his father that he was killed by a wild animal.

When we look at everything that happened to Joseph, it may not seem as if the Lord was with him. But as the story of Joseph continues, we will see that the Lord was with Joseph even as bad things happened to him. So too, the Lord is always looking to our eternal welfare and happiness.

The Story

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Ideas for Discussion

  1. How do we know that Jacob loved his son, Joseph?  
  2. What were Joseph’s dreams? Who gave those dreams to him?
  3. Why were Joseph’s brothers jealous of him?
  4. How did Reuben intervene when his brothers wanted to kill Joseph?
  5. How do you think Joseph felt when his brothers put him a pit and then sold him to traders for twenty shekels of silver?
  6. How might his dreams have comforted Joseph during his time in Egypt, letting him know that the Lord was with him?
  7. Joseph pictures a love for God and living from spiritual principles. Joseph is key to our spiritual health and happiness.
  8. Joseph’s older brothers picture knowing truths from the Word but not living the life of religion. Factual knowledge from the Word is important and necessary for our spiritual development but unless we commit to doing the good things that those truths teach us, the knowledge we have gained will become useless and eventually fade away.
  9. Why does it take many people a long time before they allow the voice speaking for the Lord to become the respected ruler of their minds?
  10. Joseph dreamed that his brothers, his mother and his father would bow down to him. Which qualities in us should “bow down to” or do what our conscience tells us to?
  11. When Joseph was thirty years old, his brothers came to Egypt and he saved them from starvation. In a similar way conscience develops from a young age but is often invisible to us until later in life.
  12. What are some parallels between this story and the Lord’s life on earth? (Consider the antagonism He faced, the silver exchanged at His betrayal, time spent in Egypt.)

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