I Am the Vine

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How are we connected with the Lord our God? He is the source of life, supporting us as a vine supports its branches (John 15:5), Just as the vine brings water and food to the branches of the vine, so the Lord offers us His truth and inspires us with His love. Just as a branch cut from the vine withers and dies, so we could not exist without the Lord supporting us each and every moment. The Lord tells us, “without Me you can do nothing” (John 15:4).

What does it mean to be branches of the vine? The ideal is to use what the Lord gives us to be fruitful and help other people. It is not enough to talk about truth and to love what is good. We need to cultivate our branches to bear fruit. The fruit of our lives is everything we do that serves others. When we obey the commandments and turn away from doing what is wrong, it helps us be receptive of the Lord’s love. Then we are able to “abide” in the Vine.

The Story

The Lord talked with His disciples about how we can be “fruitful” branches of the vine. Sometimes the Lord compared people to trees, but this time He was talking about a vine and its branches.

To illustrate the story, you may wish to print a  picture of a grapevine or find an actual vine to show—preferably one that is fruitful and not poisonous. Depending on when you cut it, it may start to wither and dry out—which shows what happens when a branch is no longer connected to the vine!

Read aloud John 15:4-12.

Ideas for discussion

  • What do the words “Abide in Me, and I in you” mean? How can we abide in the Lord? (Literally, this means to reside or remain in the Lord.)
  • How does abiding in the Lord make it possible for us to bear fruit?
  • What is the opposite of abiding in the Lord?
  • How many times are the phrases “abide in Me” or “abide in My love” repeated in John 15:4-12?
  • How does a person “abide” in the Lord’s love?

Read more about the Lord as the Vine

  • “The Vine and the Branches” by Daniel W. Goodenough
    Our faith in the Lord—combined with a life of love—produces good works like fruit from branches. Good works that are done from ourselves (with no acknowledgment that the Lord is the source of all that is good and true) are not intrinsically good, even if they benefit other people.
  • “You Are the Branches” by Jeremy Simons
    It is important for people to be connected to each other and even more important to be connected to the Lord.

Projects and activities for all ages

“As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine,
neither can you, unless you abide in Me” (John 15:4).

If we do not abide in the Lord, then we are looking to ourselves as the source of good and truth and serving others only as a means of serving self. To abide in the Lord—to let the Lord draw near us—we need to look to Him, obey His commandments, serve Him by serving others, and acknowledge that He is the only source of all that is good and true.

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