Feeding the Five Thousand

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Imagine the five thousand people following the Lord, listening as He gave them spiritual food—Divine truths. Toward the end of the day, the disciples wanted to the Lord to send the people away to get physical food. But Lord took five loaves of bread and two fishes, looked up to heaven and blessed the food. And it was enough to feed all of the people with twelve baskets of food left over.

The Story

Read about the Lord feeding the five thousand in Mark 6:32-44 and Luke 9:10-17.

Ideas for discussion

  1. How did the Lord feel when He saw the crowd of people waiting for Him? (He was “moved with compassion” for them because they were like sheep without a shepherd.)
  2. What did the Lord do to help them? (He taught people Divine truths as He walked among them, healing and teaching them.) He gave them spiritual food for their minds.
  3. How did the Lord provide food for their bodies? (He performed a miracle so that the disciples were able to feed five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fishes.) All of the people were fed, and there were twelve baskets of food leftover.
  4. Imagine that you saw the Lord do this miracle. How might you respond?  
  5. The Lord also gives us food for our minds to help us grow strong spiritually. We can find this food in His Word. When we pray, "Give us our daily bread," we are asking for this spiritual food—the true ideas from the Word and good feelings that make us want to use them in our daily lives.
  6. The Lord gives us food for our bodies, too. He is the One who sends the sun and rain to grow our food, and He created the plants and animals to provide us with food, clothing, and shelter. The Lord gives us everything we need for our natural life.
  7. The Lord wants everyone to have natural and spiritual nourishment. Just as natural food feeds our bodies and keeps them healthy, spiritual food feeds our minds, giving us the truths that can help us follow the Lord. Attending worship services and setting aside time to read the Word at home can help us make time to turn to the Lord with receptive minds—eager to hear the teachings of His Word.
  8. In the Lord’s Prayer, we ask for our “daily bread partly in recognition that the spiritual nourishment that we receive from the Lord is not our own or from us—it is the Lord’s love and wisdom with us.

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