The Holy Supper has been established by the Lord in order that the church may be joined by means of it to heaven and so to the Lord. This is why it is the holiest thing of the church. (Arcana Coelestia 10519)

Quotes from the Lord's Word (quotes about The Holy Supper)

Teaching the Spiritual Concept:  talking with children about worship

Family Talks:

 "The Lord's Supper" by the Rev. Eric Carswell

Projects and Activities:


 Learning by Heart  (PDF)

Family Lesson:

 The Lord and His Disciples (ages 3-6) (PDF)

Coloring Pages:

 The Last Supper (PDF)
 Coming Before the Lord (Husband and Wife Kneeling) (PDF)

Family Activities Overview

Sunday School:  

 Sunday School Lesson 2.30 - The Last Supper (PDF)