"Prayer, regarded in itself, is speech with God..." (Arcana Coelestia 2535)

A prayer is a conversation with our heavenly Father, the Lord God Jesus Christ. It is an integral aspect of worship. Prayer lifts our thoughts to the Lord, as we seek His help or offer thanksgiving. It connects us with the Lord and His angels and helps protect us from evil. We may not receive the answers we want or expect, but the Lord does respond to the prayers of our heart, and always by looking out for our eternal happiness.

The Lord Himself gave us a perfect, complete prayer - the Lord's Prayer - while He was on earth. This prayer praises the Lord, acknowledges our limitations, seeks His help, and thanks Him. The Heavenly Doctrine for the New Church teaches that the words of this prayer contain infinite levels of meaning. As we say the Lord's Prayer on earth and understand it on one level, the angels of heaven hear and understand it on another.

We hope these materials will strengthen your understanding and love for this precious way of opening up our minds and hearts to receive the Lord.   

Highlights include:

"Lord Teach Us to Pray" by the Rev. Daniel Fitzpatrick
Genuine prayer is the heart speaking, asking for guidance or praising the Lord.

"The Lord's Prayer" by the Rev. Patrick Rose
The Lord wants us to pray to Him, communicating with Him and opening our minds to what He is offering us.

  Song: Standing in the Need of Prayer (PDF)

"Answers to Prayers" by the Rev. Donald Rose
The Lord answers our prayers in the way He sees best. He can answer our prayers in a wiser way than we know. This is why our petitions are to be followed with the prayer that not our will, but His, shall be done.

  Make a Prayer Journal (PDF)
Keep a journal of prayers as part of your ongoing conversation with the Lord.

  The Lord's Prayer Book (PDF)
Illustrate your own book about the Lord's Prayer, following the suggestions given below each phrase of the prayer.

An Overview of Projects and Activities for Families (html)
Projects and activities about the Lord's Prayer, Prayer from the Heart, Conversation with the Lord, and How the Lord Answers Prayer.

  Lord's Prayer Calligraphy with a Border to Color (PDF)

 Analyzing the Lord's Prayer (PDF)
Look at the Prayer to see which parts are statements and which are requests. Then look again to identify which parts are words of praise, which parts acknowledge our struggles with evil, which are words of petition, and which parts thanks the Lord.

Teen Prayers on Praying to the Lord (PDF)

 Food for Thought: How the Lord Answers Our Prayers (PDF)
Explore the different ways that the Lord may choose to answer our prayers.

 Sunday School Lesson on How to Pray (PDF)