"The Word is from the Lord, about the Lord, and is the Lord" (Apocalypse Revealed 200).

The Word is a precious gift that helps us learn about the Lord. For the Word is from the Lord, about the Lord, and IS the Lord. He speaks to us in His Word and teaches us how to follow Him. In the Word, the Lord is "calling" us to heaven. If we respond to His call by trying to serve Him in our life, then He can help us understand the teachings of His Word more and more clearly. As we grow in this understanding, our ability to see the Lord's living presence in His Word will increase. It is written in John that the Lord is "the way, the truth, and the life" (14:6). And it is by means of the Word that He shows us the way, teaches us the truth, and offers us spiritual life.

We hope that these resources will help you and your family reflect on ways that you can receive the truths of the Word into your lives.

Highlights for this topic include:

"A Deeper Meaning to the Bible," a sermon by the Rev. Peter M. Buss, Jr.
People throughout the ages have...known that the Bible is the most holy book ever written – not only because God wrote it, but because they have seen its power to teach them how to be good.

The Word Is Like...
Explore striking analogies that can help us understand the nature of the Word by watching a flash animation and making projects inspired by quotations from the Lord's Word (PDF).

"What Is the Word?" by the Rt. Rev. Peter M. Buss, Sr.
When you pick up the Word and read it, the Lord is talking to you. Because it is His Word, He wrote it, and it is as if He was speaking to you in His own voice.

The Word Has Layers of Meaning Project (PDF)
Make a special book illustrating the beauty of the inner meaning of the Word.

The Story Basket (PDF)
A hands-on way to review the stories of the Word

Reading About the Concept