"[Jacob] dreamed, and behold, a ladder was set up on the earth, and its top reached to heaven; and there the angels of God were ascending and descending on it. And behold, the Lord stood above it...." (Genesis 28:12-13)

Quotes from the Lord's Word (quotes relating to Jacob's Ladder)

Teaching the Spiritual Concept (talking about the Word with children)

Family Talks:

"The Stairway to Heaven" by the Rev. Fred Schnarr
"The Use of the Word" by the Rev. Norbert Rogers
"What Is the Word?" by the Rt. Rev. Peter M. Buss, Sr.

Projects and Activities:


Learning by Heart (PDF)
Children's Prayers (PDF)
Blessings (PDF)
On the Stairway to Heaven (PDF)


Jacob's Ladder (ages 3-6) (PDF)
Becoming an Angel (ages 3-6) (PDF)
     (level 1 of a Family Lesson on Genesis 28)
Jacob's Ladder Collage (ages 5-9) (PDF)
The Word Has Layers of Meaning (ages 5-14) (PDF)
Picturing Jacob's Dream (wax resist method) (ages 6-10) (PDF)
Jacob's Pillow Project (ages 7-10) (PDF)
Jacob's Ladder Diorama (ages 7-12) (PDF)
Jacob's Ladder Mural (ages 7-12) (PDF)
The Lord in Heaven (ages 9-12) (PDF)
      (level 3 of a Family Lesson on Genesis 28)
Open Word Snowflake (ages 9-up) (PDF)

Coloring Pages

Jacob Dreamed of a Ladder by Lisa Buss (PDF)
Jacob's Dream by Nancy Ebert (PDF)
The Word of the Lord by Marguerite Acton (PDF)
Angels Near Child Reading the Word (PDF)
Stairway to Heaven by Nancy Schnarr (ages 10 and up) (PDF)

Family Activities

Sunday School:

Lesson 3.06: Jacob's Dream (PDF)
(Use wax resist technique to make a picture of Jacob's dream, or making a three-dimensional scene.)

For ages 9-12

Lesson 35: Jacob's Dream (PDF)
(Learn the meaning of Jacob's Dream and then learn how to make Jacob's Ladder out of string by following directions found on this website:



Jacob's Ladder by Lori Odhner (PDF)
Trust and Obey (PDF)
I Pray Thee Lord to Guide My Ways (PDF)
Lamp of Our Feet (PDF)
Lord Look Down from Heaven on Us (PDF)