"Blessed are those who hear the Word of God and keep it!" (Luke 11:28)

The Word is the Lord speaking to us, teaching us how to follow Him, offering spiritual life and light to all. For though the Lord doesn't appear to us in a burning bush as He did with Moses nor call to us as He did with Samuel, He does speak to each one of us in His Word. If we respond to His call by trying to serve Him in our life, then He can help us understand the teachings of His Word more and more clearly. The more we grow in this understanding, the more we will be able to see the Lord's living presence in His Word.

We hope that this month's collection of resources will help you and your family reflect on ways that you can hear the Word of God and answer the Lord's call by following His truths in your lives. In addition to exploring the way that Moses and Samuel answered the Lord's call, we are also offering some articles and activities about Emanuel Swedenborg who was called to explore the inner meaning of the Word.   

Highlights for this topic include

 'If Anyone Has an Ear, Let Him Hear" by the Rev. Philip Schnarr

A True Believer and Humble Servant"
by the Rev. Willard Heinrichs

 Call of Samuel Diorama Project

 Swedenborg's Rules of Life

 Coloring Page of Moses and the Burning Bush