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The Word of God

The Word of God, often called the Bible, is a guide for our lives. In it, the Lord speaks to us, teaching us about Himself and about His plans for our lives. Through the Word, our natural world is connected with the spiritual world, drawing us close to the Lord and His angels.

The Word of God

Title: The Word of God (#2)

"In the beginning," the apostle John tells us, "the Word was with God and the Word was God" (John 1:1). The Word is precious because it is God with us. The more we read and understand and follow its teachings, the more we will see the Lord's living presence within His revelation.

Seeds of Truth

Title: Seeds of Truth (#14)

The parable of the Sower (Matthew 13) illustrates different ways in which we can choose to receive the truths of the Word. The seeds planted in our minds have potential for great growth, but the nature of the ground we have prepared affects how fruitful they will be in our lives.

The Power of the Lord's Word

Title: The Power of the Lord's Word (#38)

The Old Testament story of Samson focuses on his amazing physical strength, which enabled him to tear a lion apart with his bare hands (Judges 14). The New Church teaches that Samson symbolizes the tremendous power that the literal truths of the Word have in our lives.

Hearing the Lord

Title: Hearing the Lord (#26)

There are numerous stories in both the Old and New Testaments about the Lord calling someone--such as Moses or Samuel, or the disciples--to carry out a particular purpose. Today the Lord speaks to us in His Word, calling each of us to His service.

Jacob's Ladder

Title: Jacob's Ladder (#50)

Jacob's dream of angels going up and down a ladder (Genesis 28:11-22) depicts how the Lord connects us with Himself and with heaven through His Word. The truths of the Word draw our minds up toward spiritual things, as if we were climbing a staircase to heaven.