List of All Topics with Publication Dates

Number Title Spiritual Theme Story/Text Published
1 Guiding StarThe Guiding Star Christmas The Wise Men (Matthew 2) 2006/12/01Dec 2006
2 Word of GodThe Word of God The Word of God The Lord As the Word (John 1) 2005/01/01Jan 2005
3 Marriage Is a Gift from GodMarriage Is a Gift from God Marriage Isaac and Rebekah (Genesis 24) 2006/02/01Feb 2006
4 Joy Comes in the MorningJoy Comes in the Morning Easter Easter Morning (Matthew 28; John 20; Luke 24) 2007/04/01Apr 2007
5 Life is EternalLife Is Eternal Heaven Everlasting Life (John 11:25; Arcana Coelestia 8939:3) 2007/03/01Mar 2007
6 Lord Is My ShepherdThe Lord Is My Shepherd Divine Providence (Psalm 23; Divine Providence 332) 2007/05/01May 2007
7 Visions in HeavenVisions in Heaven New Church Day The Woman Clothed with the Sun (Revelation 12) 2007/06/01Jun 2007
8 Lord Our GodThe Lord Our God The Lord The First Commandment (Exodus 20) 2007/07/01Jul 2007
9 Praying to the LordPraying to the Lord Worship The Lord's Prayer (Matthew 6) 2007/08/01Aug 2007
10 Being a Good NeighborBeing a Good Neighbor Loving the Neighbor The Good Samaritan (Luke 10) 2007/09/01Sep 2007
11 Tabernacle of the LordThe Tabernacle of the Lord The Life of Religion Building the Tabernacle (Exodus 25, et al.) 2007/10/01Oct 2007
12 Giving Thanks for CreationGiving Thanks for Creation Thanksgiving Praise for Creation (Genesis 1) 2007/11/01Nov 2007
13 Glory of the LordThe Glory of the Lord Christmas The Shepherds (Luke 2) 2007/12/01Dec 2007
14 Seeds of TruthSeeds of Truth The Word of God The Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13; Mark 4) 2008/01/01Jan 2008
15 Love of ChildrenLove of Children Marriage (I Samuel 1; Mark 10; Divine Love and Wisdom 335) 2008/02/01Feb 2008
16 Way to HeavenThe Way to Heaven Heaven The Path to Heaven (Matthew 7; Heaven and Hell 533) 2008/04/01Apr 2008
17 King of KingsThe King of Kings Easter Palm Sunday (Matthew 21; Luke 19; John 12) 2008/03/01Mar 2008
18 Lord Protects UsThe Lord Protects Us Divine Providence Daniel and the Lions' Den (Daniel 6) 2008/05/01May 2008
19 Holy CityThe Holy City New Church Day The New Jerusalem (Revelation 21) 2008/06/01Jun 2008
20 Healing Our BlindnessHealing Our Blindness The Lord Healing the Man Born Blind (John 9) 2008/07/01Jul 2008
21 Keeping the SabbathKeeping the Sabbath Worship The Third Commandment (Ex. 20) 2008/08/01Aug 2008
22 I Am the VineI Am the Vine Loving the Neighbor (John 15) 2008/09/01Sep 2008
23 I Will Build My ChurchI Will Build My Church The Life of Religion Parable of the House Built on Sand and the House Built on Rock (Matthew 7) 2008/10/01Oct 2008
24 Blessings from the LordBlessings from the Lord Thanksgiving (Numbers 6:24; Psalm 103) 2008/11/01Nov 2008
25 Good Tidings of Great JoyGood Tidings of Great Joy Christmas Angel Messengers (Luke 1) 2003/12/01Dec 2003
26 Hearing the LordHearing the Lord The Word of God The Calls of Moses and Samuel (Exodus 3; I Samuel 3) 2004/01/01Jan 2004
27 Marriage to EternityMarriage to Eternity Marriage (Conjugial Love 216) 2004/02/01Feb 2004
28 Children in HeavenChildren in Heaven Heaven (Mark 10:14; Heaven and Hell 329) 2004/03/01Mar 2004
29 Believe In MeBelieve in Me Easter The Lord and the Disciple Peter (John 21) 2004/04/01Apr 2004
30 God Meant It for GoodGod Meant It for Good Divine Providence Joseph and His Brothers (Genesis 50) 2004/05/01May 2004
31 Lord on the White HorseThe Lord on the White Horse New Church Day (Revelation 19) 2004/06/01Jun 2004
32 Lord Loves EveryoneThe Lord Loves Everyone The Lord The Prodigal Son (Luke 15) 2004/07/01Jul 2004
33 Holy SupperThe Holy Supper Worship The Last Supper (Mark 14) 2004/08/01Aug 2004
34 Using Our TalentsUsing Our Talents Loving the Neighbor Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25) 2004/09/01Sep 2004
35 Promise of BaptismThe Promise of Baptism The Life of Religion The Lord's Baptism (Ezekiel 36; Matthew 3) 2004/10/01Oct 2004
36 Praise the LordPraise the Lord Thanksgiving (Exodus 15; Psalm 100 & 150) 2004/11/01Nov 2004
37 Prophecies of the AdventProphecies of the Advent Christmas The Lord's Birth (Isaiah 9; Matthew 1-2; Luke 1-2) 2004/12/01Dec 2004
38 Power of the Lord's WordThe Power of the Lord's Word The Word of God The Story of Samson (Judges 13-16) 2006/01/01Jan 2006
39 Treasuring MarriageTreasuring Marriage Marriage Keeping the Sixth Commandment (Exodus 20) 2005/02/01Feb 2005
40 I Am With You Always"I Am With You Always Easter Appearances of the Risen Lord (Luke 24; John 20) 2005/03/01Mar 2005
41 Our Guardian AngelsOur Guardian Angels Heaven Elijah and the Angel (I Kings 19), Elisha Sees Angels (II Kings 6) 2005/04/01Apr 2005
42 Trusting in the LordTrusting in the Lord Divine Providence Do not worry (Matthew 6:25,33) 2005/05/01May 2005
43 Tree of Life and the Crystal RiverThe Tree of Life and the Crystal River New Church Day (Revelation 22) 2005/06/01Jun 2005
44 Love Me and Keep My CommandmentsLove Me and Keep My Commandments The Lord The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20) 2005/07/01Jul 2005
45 Worship of the HeartWorship of the Heart Worship The Fiery Furnace (Daniel 3) 2005/08/01Aug 2005
46 Looking for Good in OthersLooking for Good in Others Loving the Neighbor The Friendship of David and Jonathan (I Samuel 18; Arcana Coelestia 4804) 2005/09/01Sep 2005
47 Disciples of the LordDisciples of the Lord The Life of Religion Discipleship (Matthew 4 & 28; Luke 6; Apocalypse Explained 864) 2005/10/01Oct 2005
48 Lord's Fruitful HarvestThe Lord's Fruitful Harvest Thanksgiving Natural and Spiritual Harvests (Exodus 23; Psalm 14:5; Arcana Coelestia 9294) 2005/11/01Nov 2005
49 Unto Us a Child Is BornUnto Us a Child Is Born Christmas Receiving the Lord (Isaiah 9:6-7; Luke 2; Matthew 2) 2005/12/01Dec 2005
50 Jacob's LadderJacob's Ladder The Word of God Jacob's Dream (Genesis 28) 2007/01/01Jan 2007
51 Marriage of Good and TruthThe Marriage of Good and Truth Marriage Jacob and Rachel (Genesis 29) 2007/02/01Feb 2007
52 Kingdom of HeavenThe Kingdom of Heaven Heaven Parables of the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 13) 2006/03/01Mar 2006
53 Lord's Final TemptationThe Lord's Final Temptation Easter Passion of the Cross (Matthew 26-27; Mark 15) 2006/04/01Apr 2006
54 Divine Providence and EvilDivine Providence and Evil Divine Providence Story of Jonah (Jonah 1-3) 2006/05/01May 2006
55 New UnderstandingA New Understanding New Church Day The Nunc Licet Temple (True Christian Religion 508) 2006/06/01Jun 2006
56 Holy Is His NameHoly Is His Name The Lord Names of the Lord (Exodus 20:7; Matthew 6:9) 2006/07/01Jul 2006
57 Our Daily Bread Our Daily Bread Worship Manna from Heaven (Exodus 16) Elijah fed by the Widow (I Kings 17) Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes (Mark 6; John 6; Matthew 4) 2006/08/01Aug 2006
58 Ten BlessingsThe Ten Blessings Loving the Neighbor (Matthew 5) 2006/09/01Sep 2006
59 Come Unto MeCome Unto Me The Life of Religion Parable of the Great Supper (Luke 14:16-24) 2006/10/01Oct 2006
60 Give Glory to GodGive Glory to God Thanksgiving The Grateful Leper (Luke 17:11-19) 2006/11/01Nov 2006