"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth..." (Genesis 1:1)

The Lord created all things, both in heaven and on earth. Everything the Lord created is for the sake of people, because the purpose of all creation is so that there can be a heaven from the human race. Everything the Lord made is created to support us while we are living on this earth and to help us make our way to heaven. Yet the Lord carefully protects our freedom to choose heaven or hell. Our happiness depends on freely choosing to cooperate with Him.

One way we do this is by acknowledging - from our hearts - that the Lord alone is the source of creation. Everything is made and sustained by Him. One way to acknowledge this is to thank the Lord for all that He gives us, praising His name for His many blessings. Another way is by taking good care of what He has given us and using these natural gifts for their intended purposes. If we make full and best use of the natural and spiritual gifts the Lord gives us then we will be cooperating with His goal for creation - a heaven from the human race.

This topic reflects on the wonders of creation and the greatness of the Lord's gifts to all people.  


Video of the Creation Story

"God the Creator" by the Rev. B. David Holm
Offers the New Church perspective on the Lord as Creator

 Activity: One Square Yard of Creation (PDF)
How many different creations can you find?

Quotations From the Word (HTML)

Preschool Talk: The Work of Your Hands (PDF - 1.67 MB)
An illustrated talk for young children on what the Lord's hands make - all of creation - and what we can do with our hands to thank the Lord for all He does for us

 Overview of Projects and Activities for Families (HTML)
Topics include "Our Lord the Creator", "The Purpose of Creation", "Taking Joy in Creation", and "O Give Thanks Unto the Lord"

  Project: Creation Mobile (PDF)
Full-color mobile on the days of creation to print and assemble

 Poster: What Nature Teaches Us (PDF)
Print and display this pair of ornamented quotations

 Coloring Page: Sun and Fruit (PDF)

 Activity: Creation Poem (PDF)
A poem for young children with accompanying hand motions

 MP3 Audio: Miracles, Miracles Everywhere (words and music copyrighted by Christine Brock Taylor) (MP3)