"One of them, when he saw that he was healed, returned, and with a loud voice, glorified God, and fell down on his face at His feet, giving Him thanks." (Luke 17:15-16)

 The Lord is not moved by self-glory but by love. He wishes to be joined to the human race, and to impart eternal life and happiness to it. But this cannot be accomplished unless a person worships Him in humility... (see Arcana Coelestia 7550).

To give praise to God...is to confess Him, and from confession of heart to worship Him (Apocalypse Explained 1210). 

Much of the time, we are not consciously aware of all that the Lord is doing for us. We take His many blessings for granted. The story of the healing of the ten lepers is a picture of this reality. Nine of the lepers who were healed appeared to take what the Lord had done for them for granted. They simply continued on their way. Only one leper returned to thank the Lord, falling down on his face at the Lord's feet. What a beautiful image of humility to keep in mind when we consider what the Lord does for us.

When we give thanks to the Lord for all He gives us, the very act of thanking Him reminds us that we are not self-sufficient. It is an acknowledgement that He is the source of everything that is good and true. With this humble spirit we open our hearts and minds to receive even more of the Lord's blessings. And these blessings are multiplied still further through our commitment to showing our thanks to the Lord by living according to His will. This is how we give Him the glory that is due to His name!

We hope the materials in this issue will inspire you to give glory to the Lord, with your lips and with your lives!

Highlights include

Quotes from the Lord's Word about Giving Glory to God

Concept Article: "Be Thankful to Him"
by the Rev. W. Cairns Henderson 

An Overview of Projects and Activities for Families
Projects and activities on Our Need for Spiritual Healing, The Lord Heals Ten Lepers, One Healed Leper Returned to Give Thanks, Give Glory to God, Why We Need to Thank the Lord, Confessing the Lord with Humility of Heart. 

"The One Who Gave Thanks" by the Rev. Grant Odhner
Explore what the ten lepers represent in each of us that needs healings.

  "With Grateful Hearts" Within the outline of a heart, draw pictures of things for which you want to thank the Lord, such as family, friends, pets, etc.

"What Shall I Render to the Lord" by the Rev. Christopher Smith
A family talk on the most important way to thank the Lord.

  Making Known His Deeds (PDF)
What kinds of gifts has He given you? In what ways does He help you every day of your life?

"Actions Speak Louder Than Words" by the Rev. Michael Gladish
We are not supposed to thank the Lord because He needs it or because He wants us to try to make Him feel better. The reason He wants us to thank Him is that these actions can improve our own lives and make us better people!

  Prayers of Thankfulness for Children, Teens and Adults (PDF)

 Diorama of the Lord Healing the Ten Lepers (PDF)
Color and cut out the scene and figures of the Lord and the lepers to make a diorama of this miracle.

  Blessings of Gratitude (PDF)
Print this page and fold it down the center to create a self-standing card for your dining table.