"Let them make Me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them" (Exodus 25)

The Lord told Moses to build a Tabernacle to be a place of worship for the Children of Israel. There were three parts of the Tabernacle. The holiest part, the Holy of Holies, contained a very special wooden chest overlaid with gold. It was called the Ark of the Covenant because it was where the stone tablets of the Ten Commandments were kept. Spiritually, we can have a covenant with the Lord in a special place within us if we take the Lord's commandments into our heart. And, as the Tabernacle with the Commandments was placed in the center of the camp of the Children of Israel, we can try to center our lives on the Lord and His spiritual laws.

This topic focuses on the learning about the Tabernacle of the Lord and its relevance to our own lives. The Tabernacle pictures both heaven and the church, which is sometimes referred to as heaven on earth. A true church is created by our love and understanding of the Word, and the Tabernacle illustrates this idea beautifully. We hope these resources will help you explore ways of inviting the Lord's presence in your church and in your daily life. 

Highlights include:

A Quicktime Slideshow of the Tabernacle Model:

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  Activity: Exploring the Tabernacle (PDF)
Use the beautiful color pictures of the Tabernacle Model (from the Glencairn Museum) to explore the furnishings of the Tabernacle.

Overview of Projects and Activities for Families

"Building the Lord's Church" by the Rt. Rev. Thomas Kline

  Project: High Priest Paper Figure by Marguerite Acton (ages 4-8) (PDF)

  For Reflection: Make a "Sanctuary for the Lord" in Your Home (teens and adults)  (PDF)
Spiritually, a sanctuary is a state of mind (and spiritual development through regeneration) in which we can communicate with the Lord. Explore ways to set up a sanctuary where you can center your life on the Lord. 

"Becoming a Church" by the Rev. Phil Schnarr

 Project: The Ten Commandments in Our Hearts (ages 6-12) (PDF)

 Project: A Model of the Ark to Cut and Fold (ages 8-12) (PDF)