"The Lord's Church is with all in the whole world who live in good according to their religious system. All who live in good - wherever they are - and acknowledge one God, are accepted by the Lord and come into heaven." (New Jerusalem and Its Heavenly Doctrine 246)

The Lord invites all people to be a part of His church on earth on and in heaven. But, we are all left in freedom. He does not force us, either to believe or to follow Him. Like the people in the parable who were invited to a great supper, we can choose not to come, choose to make excuses. And we all do this at times when our own desires and ideas or those from worldly sources seem more pleasing, more urgent, than spiritual concerns. We think we do not really need the feast that the Lord is offering us or that it is not as high a priority as our plans. But the reality is that spiritually we are all poor and blind and lame. And we all desperately need what the Lord, His Word and His church have to give us.

The Lord invites us to come unto Him, but we must respond to the invitation and make the effort to approach Him. To illustrate this concept, we are using not only the parable of the great supper, but also two of the Lord's healing miracles, both of which show the vital importance of making an effort to respond to Him. In the case of a paralyzed man, his friends had to let him down through the roof in order to reach the Lord so he could be healed. At the pool of Bethesda, there was a man who because of his infirmity was unable to get down into the pool and so be healed when the waters were stirred by an angel. The Lord asked him if he wanted to be healed. It was essential that the man want to be healed, for the Lord leaves us in freedom. And He told both of these men to rise, pick up their beds and walk--to make an effort to put truths into action in their lives.

We hope you feel the Lord's invitation to come to His great supper! 

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