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Life of Religion

The New Church teaches that a church or religion is not tied to a specific building or denomination. Our religion — the church within each one of us — is our reception of the Lord. We open ourselves to receive Him when we live by His truths, putting the Lord's teachings into action.

I Will Build My Church

Title: I Will Build My Church (#23)

The Lord seeks to build His church inside each one of us. We can help by choosing a good foundation. The parable of the house built on rock and the house built on sand (Matthew 7:24-27) teaches us that a firm, rock-like foundation comes from hearing and doing the truths of the Word.

Come Unto Me

Title: Come Unto Me (#59)

The Lord is continually inviting all of us to come to Him. Like the people who were invited to a great supper in one of the Lord's parable (Luke 14:16-24), we are all spiritually poor, blind and lame. We all desperately need what the Lord and His church have to offer us.

Disciples of the Lord

Title: Disciples of the Lord (#47)

In the gospel of John, Jesus tells His followers, "If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed" (John 8:31). We do not have the Lord physically with us in the way the twelve apostles did. Nevertheless, by committing our lives to His truth, we can truly become His disciples.

The Promise of Baptism

Title: The Promise of Baptism (#35)

When parents bring a child to be baptized, they promise to teach him about the Lord and to guide him to obey the teachings of the Word. When an adult is baptized, he promises to turn away from evil and look to the Lord. Baptism is an entryway to the church, a recognition that it can help us know and love our God.

The Tabernacle of the Lord

Title: The Tabernacle of the Lord (#11)

After He had given the Ten Commandments from Mount Sinai, the Lord told Moses to build a Tabernacle or tent for worship (Exodus 25-31). As the Tabernacle was placed in the center of the children of Israel's camp, so we can try to center our lives on worshiping the Lord and following His commandments.