"Trust in the Lord and do good." (Psalm 37:3)

Sometimes it can be hard to trust that God is really with us, guiding and caring for us. Yet this is the truth. It may not always seem this way because we are so often focused on “the here and now” while He knows that our temporal worries are less important than our eternal welfare. What the Lord truly wants is to lead us to choose the life of heaven. Through His Divine providence, the Lord guides each person toward this end, although each individual is free to accept or reject the love and truth that He offers us.

Part of cooperating with Providence is to work toward having greater confidence in the Lord. In Exodus 14, the children of Israel despair when they come to the Red Sea, which seems impossible to cross. But the Lord miraculously divides the Sea, so that the people can cross on dry land. We, too, need to trust that the Lord is with us, that He loves us, and that, whatever the appearance may be, He is leading us as much as possible toward eternal happiness.

With this topic of New Church Vineyard, we invite you to explore the concept of trust, worry about the future, Divine providence, and human prudence.

Highlights include

Readings About Divine Providence

Teaching the Concept of Divine Providence

Quotes from the Lord's Word

 Sunday School: Crossing the Red Sea (PDF)
Suggestions on key ideas to teach children (ages 6-9) and activities such as dramatizing the story with simple props (such as a staff for Moses).

 Teen Prayers on Trusting in God (PDF)

 Children's Prayers (PDF)

 Consider the Lilies (PDF)
Picture of lilies of the field and birds of the air with the quotation from Matt. 6.

"Seek Ye First" by the Rev. Frank Rose 

An Overview of Projects and Activities for Families

Projects and activities about Trusting in the LordCrossing the Red Sea (Exodus 14), and Concern for the Morrow