"The Lord is my shepherd.... He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters" (Psalm 23:1-3)

Quotes from the Lord's Word (selected quotes about The Lord Is My Shepherd)

Teaching the Spiritual Concept: (talking with children about Divine Providence)

Preschool Talks:

"The Good Shepherd" by unknown author
"Talking to Your Child About the Twenty-Third Psalm" by the Rev. David Holm
"The Little Lost Lamb" by Wendinne Buss (PDF)

Projects and Activities:


Learning by Heart (PDF)

Experiencing the Twenty-Third Psalm (ages 3-8) (PDF)
Stream of Providence Game (ages 5-10) (PDF)

Family Lesson

Level 1: Being Like Sheep (Make large fluffy lamb) (PDF)


Lamb with Moving Head (ages 2-5) (PDF)
Lamb Mask (ages 2-5) (PDF)
Following the Lord (figures for magnets or flannel board) (ages 2-8) (PDF)
Sheepfold Collage (ages 3-7) (PDF)
The Lord Is My Shepherd Shoebox Diorama (ages 4-8) (PDF)
Make a Stuffed Lamb Toy for a Little Child (PDF)
Coloring Pages
Like a Shepherd by Lisa S. Buss (PDF)
Illustrated Calligraphy Psalm 23 by Robert Glenn (PDF)
Shepherd with Lamb by Jacquie S. Bostock (PDF)

Family Activities Overview

Sunday School:


"Little Lost Lamb" by Lori Odhner (PDF)
Little Lost Lamb Song Hand Motions (ages 3-8) (PDF)
"Little Lamb, Who Made Thee?" by William Blake and W.B. Caldwell (PDF)