The doctrines of the New Church are continuous truths laid open by the Lord by means of the Word (see True Christian Religion 508.5)

An Overview of Projects and Activities for Families (html)
Projects and activities about Making All Things New, The Birth of the New Church, Nunc Licet Temple, Enter with Understanding, Unique Teachings of the New Church, andCelebrating New Church Day.

POSTER: The Nunc Licet Temple (for all ages) (PDF)
A beautiful color poster of this magnificent temple in heaven.

JOURNAL PAGE: Making All Things New (for teens and up) (PDF)
As we develop a clearer understanding of the Lord's Word, we will be able to make better use of His wondrous truths to renew our lives.

PROJECT: The Word Mirrors the Lord (for ages 5-12) (PDF)
This project is based on the teaching that the truths of the Word help us learn about the Lord and see Him in our minds. As children learn a verse from Scripture, let them glue a piece of reflective material such as mylar or foil on one of the "mirrors" around the Lord.