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Loving the Neighbor

Love for other people — for our neighbors — is intended by the Lord to be one of the primary motivations of our lives. This love, guided by wisdom into effective action, is described as true charity in the teachings of the New Church.

Being a Good Neighbor

Title: Being a Good Neighbor (#10)

The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-37) is a powerful parable about loving the neighbor, caring for someone in need with mercy and compassion. The New Church teaches us how to bring charity into our lives more fully, describing who our neighbors are and how we can best care for them.

I Am the Vine

Title: I Am the Vine (#22)

"I am the true vine," the Lord tells us in John 15:1. These words, and those that follow, help us understand our part in bringing what is good and true together in useful service to others by letting the Lord — who is the source of all life — work through us.

Using Our Talents

Title: Using Our Talents (#34)

The parable of the talents (Matthew 25) tells of how servants used their master's wealth while he was away. These coins--talents--picture the good and truth that the Lord gives to us. He also gives each of us the potential to serve Him and our neighbors in unique ways. We are faithful servants when we use these gifts wisely.

Looking for Good in Others

Title: Looking for Good in Others (#46)

The relationship of David and Jonathan in the Old Testament (I Samuel 18:1-4) is a picture of genuine friendship, with mutual sharing and support. A key New Church teaching about friendship is that we should look for good qualities in other people and support those qualities. For it is the good in a person that we should love.

The Ten Blessings

Title: The Ten Blessings (#58)

The Sermon on the Mount, beginning with the Ten Blessings (Matthew 5:3-12), teaches us about the attitudes and approaches to other people that will make our lives truly happy. The happy states or blessings that the Lord wills to give us are the inner, spiritual rewards that come from living a truly charitable life.