"The conjugial union of one man with one wife is the precious jewel of human life and the repository of Christian Religion." (Conjugial Love 444)
True marriage love, which in the New Church is often called “Conjugial Love” is a precious gift from the Lord. It is the “love of loves” into which are gathered countless joys and blessings. Because this love between husband and wife can bring great delight, it is also vulnerable. We must treasure it carefully, guarding it against injury, either from within ourselves or from the world around us.

We guard marriage love when we seek to live by the Lord’s commandment: “You shall not commit adultery.” At a deeper level, this law relates to anything that defiles the ideal of marriage, which the Heavenly Doctrine for the New Church calls “holy, pure, and clean”. If we wish to have this love in our own lives, we need to avoid the things that debase the marriage covenant.

Every married couple experiences challenging times, when the love they have for each other seems weakened by irritation or stress or loneliness. During these colder states in marriage, we can look to the Lord by focusing on the things we do treasure about our partner. Friendship—shared activities and ideas—can be vital to helping us work through these trials. When we do the work of marriage—avoiding evils and living charitably—then the Lord can grant us that precious jewel of human live—truly conjugial love.

Highlights include:

Quotes from the Word (PDF)

"Idealism and Realism in Love Truly Conjugial," a sermon by the Rev. Andrew M. T. Dibb

Activities for Families – An Overview (PDF)
Projects and activities about True Marriage Love, You Shall Not Commit Adultery, Challenges in Marriage, and Treasuring Marriage.

New Church Shepherd Sunday School Lesson: Treasuring Marriage (PDF)
A multi-level Sunday School lesson with a variety of activities for ages 4-16.

Danish Paper Heart Chain (PDF)
An interlocking chain of red and white hearts with hopes for marriage written on them.

Reading About the Concept: Treasuring Marriage

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