"Truly conjugial love with its delights comes only from the Lord and is given to those who live according to His commandments" (Conjugial Love 534)

A marriage that is founded in religion is a three-way covenant involving the husband, the wife, and the Lord. Looking to the Lord and following Him lead couples to a genuine spiritual love for one another. In the teachings for the New Church, this spiritual love is called true marriage love or truly conjugial love. We can work on receiving this precious gift from God by cherishing the ideal of a truly spiritual marriage love and avoiding things that might harm it. 

A wedding is the beginning of a marriage, confirming and blessing a couple's commitment to each other and to the Lord. Because of its importance, many parts of wedding ceremonies have symbolic meanings. To explore some of these, we look at the story of Isaac and Rebekah from Genesis 24, a description of a wedding in heaven (witnessed by Emanuel Swedenborg and reported in the Heavenly Doctrine), and aspects of contemporary wedding rituals. We hope these materials will enhance your vision of the unique joy and blessing of true marriage love.

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Special Quote: A Wedding in Heaven

"Protecting Marriage" by the Rt. Rev. Brian W. Keith

"Gifts for a Bride" by the Rev. Kurt Horigan Asplundh 

An Overview of Projects and Activities for Families
Projects and activities about Marriage Is from the Lord, Weddings, A Wedding in Heaven, The Role of Friendship, Looking to the Lord, and With Love in Our Hearts.

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 Project: Kindly or Selfish Hearts (ages 9-12) (PDF)

 Coloring Page: Isaac Greeting Rebekah by Marguerite L. Acton (PDF)