Teachings about the beauty and importance of true marriage love form one of the core doctrines of the New Church. The Lord's goal is that each of us find joy and peace in this most precious of human relationships — both here on earth and to eternity in heaven.

Marriage Is a Gift from God

Title: Marriage Is a Gift from God (#3)

Marriage is a three-way covenant among a husband, a wife, and their God. If a couple looks to the Lord together, each seeking the well-being of the other, they can receive the blessing of a true spiritual union, a precious gift from the Lord.

Marriage to Eternity

Title: Marriage to Eternity (#27)

A true marriage love which comes from the Lord can last to eternity. The New Church teaches that husbands and wives who truly loved each other on earth can meet again in the spiritual world after death and continue their lives together as an angel couple in heaven.

Love of Children

Title: Love of Children (#15)

"Children are a heritage of the Lord," we are told (Psalm 127:3). The gift of children can strengthen and enrich marriage, bringing a couple closer as they work together in raising their children, and providing a precious sphere of innocence throughout a home.

Treasuring Marriage

Title: Treasuring Marriage (#39)

The marriage relationship is precious, even sacred, and because of this it is also vulnerable. New Church teachings urge us to treasure our ideals of marriage carefully, guarding them against anything ugly, dirty, or hurtful, either from within ourselves or from the world around us.

The Marriage of Good and Truth

Title: The Marriage of Good and Truth (#51)

The story of Jacob uncovering a well for Rachel's flocks and then working so long for her sake (Genesis 29) gives us a beautiful picture of marriage love. The New Church teaches that another kind of marriage is also depicted here — the combining of good and truth which takes place in the mind of every person who seeks to follow the Lord.