"Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name." (Matthew 6:9)

The Word contains many different names for God, even though there is only one God, the Lord of heaven and earth. The reason why different names are used in the Word is because names represent qualities or roles that the Lord has in our lives. For example, He is Jehovah (which symbolizes Love and Being Itself) and He is Christ or Messiah (which symbolizes truth). He is our King and our Shepherd and much more as well. These names are all holy or hallowed and are to be used only in holy ways. Using the names of the Lord in unholy ways is taking them in vain, which can do serious harm to our connection with the Lord. 

The Heavenly Doctrine for the New Church tells us that the name "Lord" means God in His fullness, without needing the addition of the rest of His names. Nevertheless, it is valuable to explore the many different names for the Lord because they can help us to see and appreciate His varied qualities and so relate to Him in many ways. 

We hope that these materials will help you to appreciate the Lord in new ways as you explore the wonder of His names! 

Highlights for this topic include

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