The Lord God Jesus Christ

Knowing and loving the Lord God Jesus Christ is the foundation of our spiritual life. The questions of who God is and how we can form a genuine connection with Him are central to the teachings of the New Church.

The Lord Our God

Title: The Lord Our God (#8)

The Lord God Jesus Christ, the one God of heaven and earth, longs to have us conjoined with Him and experience the eternal happiness He offers. He tells us how to connect with Him in the first commandment (Exodus 20:3) and in the first of the two great commandments (Matthew 22:37).

The Lord Loves Everyone

Title: The Lord Loves Everyone (#32)

Like the sun shining around the world, the Lord's love goes out to everyone, whether good or evil. As in the parable of the prodigal son and his father (Luke 15), we can choose to distance ourselves from the Lord. Yet He still loves us and yearns to be conjoined with us.

Love Me and Keep My Commandments

Title: Love Me and Keep My Commandments (#44)

For thousands of years the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20) that the Lord gave to Moses on Mount Sinai have been an inspiration and a challenge for believers. The teachings of the New Church give an inner meaning for each commandment, helping us understand how to more fully love the Lord and our neighbor.

Holy Is His Name

Title: Holy Is His Name (#56)

The Word contains many different names for God, even though He is One - the Lord God Jesus Christ, Creator, Redeemer and Savior. All the names of the Lord are precious and holy, because they stand for various qualities or roles that He has in our lives.

Healing Our Blindness

Title: Healing Our Blindness (#20)

The stories in the New Testament about healing the blind (see Mark 8, Luke 18, John 9) illustrate ways the Lord can heal our spiritual blindness or ignorance. We all need His help to shine the light of heaven on the darkness of our own limited perspective.