"He shall give His angels charge over you, To keep you in all your ways." (Psalm 91:11)

The Lord gives us guardian angels to watch over us. These angels try to help us think about what is true and do what is good. To ensure our spiritual freedom, the Lord balances this heavenly influence with the influence of evil spirits--those people who are choosing to live in hell. With input from both heaven and hell, we are truly free to choose between what is good and what is evil. When we turn our minds and lives toward heaven, the angels come close. If we turn toward hell, the angels move further away, but they never leave us. Even from a distance, the angels are always trying to gently lead us back toward heaven. We can invite the angels to be close to us and send evil spirits further away by looking to the Lord, reading His Word, and trying to apply it to our lives.

Highlights include:

Guardian Angels a sermon by the Rev. Kurt Horigan Asplundh
"The angels assigned to us work secretly and gently. Although one angel has the power to drive off thousands of evil spirits, the Lord does not allow angels to use this force. Every person must be led in freedom."

Angels and Spirits a sermon by the Rt. Rev. Brian W. Keith
Is there any truth in the claim that "the devil made me do it?" Explore how the evil spirits try to distort our thinking so that we will do what is wrong and justify our actions. Learn how the angels inspire us with uplifting thoughts to counterbalance the influences of hell.

Guardian Angels Coloring Page by Marguerite L. Acton (PDF)
The artist pictures the guardian angels the Lord gives us to help us along the path to heaven.

Angel Snowflake Pattern by John Odhner (PDF)
Print out the pattern, fold, then cut out with sharp scissors to make a beautiful angel snowflake.

Angels with You Project (for ages 3-7) (PDF)
Make 2 angels out of clothespins to help you remember that the Lord keeps angels near you at all times.

Angels in Our Lives - A Discussion Activity (PDF)
In the story of King David (1 Samuel 25), we can see the forces of heaven and hell in action. Can we be aware of the angels in our lives?

Sunday School Lesson for Ages 5-9: How We Get to Heaven (PDF)