"The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking beautiful pearls, who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had and bought it" (Matthew 13:45).

Quotes from the Lord's Word (selected quotes about The Kingdom of Heaven)

Teaching the Spiritual Concept (talking with children and teens about the spiritual world)

Family Talks:

"Where Heaven Is" by the Rev. Walter E. Orthwein
"The Grain of Mustard Seed" by the Rev. Douglas M. Taylor
"The Pearl of Great Price" by the Rt. Rev. Peter M. Buss, Sr.

Projects and Activities:


Learning by Heart (PDF)
Children's Prayers on the Kingdom of Heaven (PDF)
Blessings (PDF)
Kingdom of Heaven Talk About Picture (ages 3-10) (PDF)
(Note: This will take a minute to come up.)
The Wheat and the Tares (separating good from evil) (ages 8-12) (PDF)
Quest for Parables (ages 9-14) (PDF)
The Meaning of the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares (ages 12-15) (PDF)
Kingdom of Heaven Matching Cards (ages 12-up) (PDF)
Kingdom of Heaven Handout Cards (PFD)


The Treasure Chest (ages 3-7) (PDF)
Kingdom of Heaven Collage (ages 3-8) (PDF)
(Preschool Religion Project for Matthew 13)
Paper Conical Angel (ages 5-9) (PDF)
The Kingdom of Heaven Like a Dragnet (ages 5-12) (PDF)
One Tiny Seed (ages 6-9) (PDF)
Treasures in Heaven (ages 6-10) (PDF)
Kingdom of Heaven Mural (ages 6-12) (PDF)
The Mustard Seed (ages 8-12) (PDF)
Easy Angel Snowflake (ages 8-14) (PDF)
Parables: Explore the Meaning of Three Seed Parables (ages 9-12) (PDF)
The Word Is Like a Mine of Gold and Silver (ages 10-14) (PDF)
Little Things Have Big Consequences (ages 12-15) (PDF)
Lifeline (teens and up) (PDF)

For more Projects see the Sunday School lessons and projects.

Coloring Pages

The Lord Gives the Parable of the Mustard Seed by Marguerite L. Acton (PDF)
The Parable of Leaven by Marguerite L. Acton (PDF)
The Pearl of Great Price by Marguerite L. Acton (PDF)
The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like a Net by Marguerite L. Acton (PDF)
The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like Treasure in a Field by Marguerite L. Acton (PDF)
Parable of the Tares by Marguerite L. Acton (PDF)
The Word Is Like a Treasure Chest (PDF)
Guardian Angels by Marguerite L. Acton (PDF)

Family Activities

Sunday School:

Sunday School Lesson 22: The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like... (ages 3-10)
(Make a felt banner showing one way heaven is pictured, such as the net cast into the sea or the hidden treasure.)

Sunday School Lesson 2:23: How We Get to Heaven (ages 5-10)

Primary Religion Project for Matt. 13: The Kingdom of Heaven (ages 3-8)
(Try planting a seed in three different kinds of soil to illustrate the parable of the sower.)

Sunday School Lesson 10: Parables about Heaven (9-12 yrs.)
(Make a banner with seven squares of felt�each illustrating one of the kingdom of heaven parables.)

Sunday School Lesson 32: Spiritual Treasure (9-12 yrs)

Religion Project for Matt. 13: The Kingdom of Heaven (9-11 yrs)
(Use fabric crayons to decorate a T-shirt or cloth napkin with one of the parables about the kingdom of heaven.)


The Kingdom of Heaven by Lori Odhner (PDF)
Becoming an Angel by Lori Odhner (PDF)
When He Cometh (PDF)
This Is My Father�s World (PDF)
I Pray Thee, Lord, to Guide My Ways (PDF)