Life is eternal. The death of our physical body is simply a bridge to the spiritual world where our soul continues to live. New Church teachings describe the life of heaven in detail and lay out the Lord's goals for our eternal life.

Life Is Eternal

Title: Life Is Eternal (#5)

After death a person awakens in the spiritual world surrounded and cared for by angels. These angels are themselves people who had followed the Lord on earth and been taken into heaven after their death. For every human being has the potential to become an angel if he chooses.

The Way to Heaven

Title: The Way to Heaven (#16)

The Lord wants to give us all the happiness of heaven, but He leaves us in freedom to choose our own path (see Matthew 7:13-14). We may not often think about life after death, yet each of us is continually making choices about whether or not to follow the Lord's leading.

Children in Heaven

Title: Children in Heaven (#28)

It is never the Lord's will for children to suffer illness or tragedy, but His angels take special care of those who do. The New Church teaches that when children die, they are taken directly to heaven where they grow up and become angels.

Our Guardian Angels

Title: Our Guardian Angels (#41)

The Lord sends each person two guardian angels to watch over him and gently lead him toward heaven. These angels help us to think about what is true, to want what is good, and to bring these two essentials together in the activities of our life.

The Kingdom of Heaven

Title: The Kingdom of Heaven (#52)

In Matthew 13, the Lord tells several stories describing what the kingdom of heaven is like. These parables help us understand that heaven is not only a future state that we enter after death. It can be present within us even while we are living on this earth, if we seek after it and value it as a pearl of great price.