"In His love and pity He redeemed them..." (Isaiah 63:9)

When we think of our Lord suffering on the cross, we may grieve for the physical abuse inflicted on His natural body. But this was nothing compared to the spiritual torment He suffered during the crucifixion, for this was the Lord's final and most terrible combat against the forces of hell. The Lord fought the hells from His love of saving the human race, so the devils of hell tried to make Him believe that there was no hope of salvation for the world.  

At the time of the Lord's crucifixion the survival of humanity hung in the balance. But the Lord was victorious over the hells—as He was in all of His temptations—and with this victory, the Lord forever changed His relationship to us. Through this final temptation, the Lord glorified His Human and united it with the Divine soul or Father within. As the Lord God Jesus Christ, the one God of heaven and earth became present with us in a new way. Now His Divine power is immediately available as never before to bring us victory in our spiritual struggles. 

As we approach the observance of Easter, may the Lord's victories inspire you to call upon Him in your own spiritual struggles, knowing that He understands our every temptation and is always ready to come to our aid. 

Highlights for this topic include:

 Quotes from the Lord's Word (PDF)

An Overview of Family Activities
Projects and activities about Why the Lord Came on Earth, The Nature of the Lord's Temptations, The Garden of Gethsemane, The Passion of the Cross, The Resurrection, The Glorification—Making His Human Divine, The Lord God Jesus Christ and Celebrating Easter.

"Remembering Good Friday" by the Rt. Rev. Louis King

 Project: Collage of the Lord Praying in Gethsemane (ages 3-12) (PDF)

"Father and Son Perfectly United" by the Rt. Rev. George de Charms 

 Spiritual Task: God Fights for Us (teens and adults) (PDF)

 Match Easter Prophecies with Their Fulfillments (ages 10-up) (PDF)

"The Lord's Words of Love on the Cross" by the Rev. Donald Rose

 Picture: He Is Risen by Robert Glenn (PDF)

 Food for Thought: The Passion of the Cross (for teens and up) (PDF)

 Sunday School Lesson on Jesus' Trial and Crucifixion (ages 5-9) (PDF)