"Then their eyes were opened and they knew Him..." (Luke 24:31)

After the Lord’s crucifixion, His followers were grief-stricken and terrified, thinking that the Lord had left them forever. They were so convinced He was gone, that at first they did not recognize Him when He appeared to them. But as He spoke with them, let them touch Him, and shared food with them, the disciples saw that Jesus, whom they had followed for three years, really had risen from the dead. And, because of His resurrection, they finally understood that He is the Lord God of heaven and earth.

The appearances of the Lord after His resurrection give the same message to us as well. For although we do not necessarily notice or feel His presence, the Lord is always with us, urging us to turn to Him and receive the joy and peace of spiritual life from His hands. If we turn toward His goodness and truth and follow His teachings, the Lord will open our spiritual eyes and we will perceive Him. The Lord is always with us, through the power and glory of His Divine Human. It is His will that we recognize His presence and open our hearts to receive Him.

May your Easter be filled with joy and peace!

Highlights include:

 The Lord Appears to His Disciples (for ages 8-12) (PDF)

Coloring Picture: Breakfast with the Risen Lord by Marguerite L. Acton (PDF)

For Reflection: Doubting Thomas (for teens and adults) (PDF)

 Easter Prayers for Children, Teens, and Adults (PDF)

 Miracles of Easter Window Wheel (for ages 6-12) (PDF)
A fun way to review the Easter story.

Bake Bread in Preparation for Easter (PDF)
This bread marks the Lord’s progression through Bethphage (“the house of figs”), through Bethany (“the house of dates”) and then up to the Mount of Olives. Fill one ring of bread with figs, put date filling in the other ring, then place a tall container of olives in the center.

 Easter Egg Hunt (for all ages) (PDF)
Use quotes from the Word and wrapped candies for a different kind of Easter "egg" hunt.

 "It will be said in that day" (for teens and up) (PDF)
Explore connections between parts of the book of Isaiah and the Easter story.