Welcome to New Church Vineyard Online

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New Church Vineyard is an online resource with religious educational materials for all ages from preschool children through adults and focuses on a different spiritual theme each month. It provides a wealth of activities, projects, quotations, Sunday School lessons, sermons, songs, etc. for spiritual enrichment. It is organized using the following themes, each of which has materials on several sub-topics:

  • The Lord
  • Loving the Neighbor
  • Marriage
  • The Word
  • Heaven
  • Providence
  • Life of Religion
  • Worship
  • Religious Holidays

In addition to New Church Vineyard online resources, you can purchase an Educators' Collection on CD that provides more of the same materials as are available online, as well as many additional materials. The CD is a searchable, electronic library of over 4,000 projects, lessons, stories, family talks, sermons, etc. and is great for Sunday School teachers, parents, classroom teachers, ministers, etc. (most materials available are for ages 4-16). Learn more about the Educators' Collection on CD and how to purchase it on the New Church website.

Both the New Church Vineyard Online and the Educator's collection are published by General Church Education (previously The Office of Education) who also publishes various other types of materials for religious education in homes, schools and churches. There is more information about General Church Education and their materials on the New Church website.